Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mountian Rose Herbs Clean House Giveaway!!!

If you know me you know how I love to make it myself....well here it is all in one place everything you need to make your own cleaning products....this year get all the chemicals and toxins out of your home! Pop over for a chance to win!

Mountian Rose Giveaway!!!!!

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Into the great Unknown.

I have now set out on an adventure into the great unknown world of diaper making.  If I had know oh I don't know 7 years ago how much cheaper it is (like with everything else) to make my own diapers I would not just be starting.  This is a past time like any other it can be expensive there is soooo much cute fabric out there and so much to chose from, but I did not want it to cost an arm and a leg. Some folks have figured out how to make their diapers for free using things around the house they would have generally given to charity such as old sheets, blankets, t-shirts kids fuzzy pj's ect.  There are even those who can find wool sweaters at their local good will and make covers.  I however just started from scratch with some PUL I found on clearance and some supper flannel from walmart.  When I am done each diaper will have cost about $5 to make.  The best part is I don't have to guess if it is going to fit my child.  Did I mention WHY I had to make diapers??? I have a not interested in potty training 2 1/2 year old who is rather thick through the bottom.  NOTHING I have really fits with out pinching and rubbing her skin red.  So I set out to not spend an arm and leg on new diapers for her.  I found a free pattern and some helpful websites and I was off.  I will of course share pictures when I am actually done.  So far let me share some helpful sites I have found:

This is for fitteds

This is a great step by step in pictures!

This is the web site your husband will ban you from :)

Free pattern I am using

great place for lots of free patterns and help.

These sites are only a very very small sampling of what is out there the Internet is a wealth of information on this topic and all I have to say is WOW.  I have no pictures to add right now but I will leave you with this:

This was my baby when she could fit into the regular sized diapers!

and this is her now

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give Away on a friends Blog!!!

I love coffee.  I mean I REALLY LOVE coffee and my friend is giving it away on her blog.  But more to the point she is living a wonderful life FULL of God and you can really just see him working thru her and her family!!!

Please check out her blog and see if you can win some free coffee!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

We be Jammin'

Three little berry pickers!
So if you look closly at this picture you will see that three of my kids are hot, sweaty and covered in berry juice.  Why is that? Because we went berry pickin'.  I have to say it's quite the adventure to go pick with five kids.  I have one who can pick, one who wants to pick, one who wants to eat, one who's too little to care and one who wants to run through all the fields.  Yet somehow we managed to pick two flats of strawberries and two buckets of blackberries.  The middle kid is COVERED in blackberry juice. If you have never taken your kids to pick berries before I highly recommend you go.
The other two berry pickers!
We have had the privilege of living close to a very wonderful farm,  Putnam Family Farms.  The Putnams are located near Kinston, NC and have the best fields. They do not spray harmful chemicals on their plants.  When you read the list of what to buy organic berries are right at the top because of their thin skins and the fact that you do not peel them. Berries absorb many chemicals that can not be washed or peeled away. The Putnams having a young son themselves decided to grow their crops so that they would have no problems with him eating straight from the fields and playing in the fields.  The added benefit of their decision is that my family can once again eat wonderful strawberries! We really had a mini science lesson this day as well.  We saw ladybugs, bees (because of his beehives) young grasshoppers and the most beautiful garden spiders.  This is also a good sign that they are not spraying, if they were these bugs would not be present.  We talked about pollination and how the beautiful white flowers were going to turn into strawberries.
The last of the strawberries.
The kids had such a good time, and then we got a really special treat we found out that the Putnams were going to open up the blackberry grove for picking on Saturday!  The prospect of blackberries was wonderful! As you can see in my first photo my son really got into blackberries.  If you have never taken your children out to a farm picking blackberries is a great way to introduce them to picking. You do not have to bend over and look for them, they are right at eye level and it takes them no time at all to fill up a bucket.  I wish I had taken a picture of the bushes but I was so busy showing my kids which berries to pick and then trying to keep up with them as they flew down the row I totally forgot.

 I however remembered to take a picture of all our goodies!  If you are in the area the fields open up to picking blackberries on Saturday! Here is where to find more info on the farm.

    Now once you have picked all those yummy berries what do you do with them? At my house we made jam!

Pot of Blackberry Jam

 Jam is not hard to make at all, you just need jars, pectin, fruit and water!  You don't have to use a pressure canner when making jam just a water bath so really it's the easiest thing to make to start canning.  My two baskets of blackberries made 13 1/2 pints of wonderful jam!
Blackberry Jam!

I also made strawberry jam.  I however didn't use all my berries because I ran out of jars. That's ok I just made that into homemade strawberry syrup!
All my jam nice and warm in my waterbath canner!

Pot of Strawberry Jam

12 jars of strawberry jam.

 Now this is by no means enough to last all year. BUT this is not my last "jam" session of the season, I still plan on making more blackberry jam as well as blueberry. I think the strawberry is safe for now.  We have eaten MORE than our fair share of strawberries this season!  In closing if you have time over the next 2 months go and pick some yummy blackberries at Putnams and check out his wonderful farm while you are there!!!

I think the happy faces speak for themselves!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Nina, The Pinta and no Santa Maria

It's getting to be summer so that means it's time for the family outings.  Living near the coast we have so many wonderful things so close to us!  This past Saturday my family went to see replicas of the Nina and the Pinta!  I have to say I now have a whole new appreciation for what it took for people to come to America.  After standing on the deck of one of those ships and seeing how small it really was all I could think was how crazy they all were!

This is really how big the ship is, was, could you imagine setting sail in one of those with so many other people?

 The guy in the blue shirt is my dad and he's 6'8" That gives you a reference for the size of the ship. Granted these ships were not the Mayflower, but just think of the bravery of it, getting on a ship to go somewhere with NO GPS, no REAL map because that area wasn't even known. In those ships they had to take every thing they were going to need because they couldn't stop at the mini mart.  This was no Carnival cruise.  Each of these ships carried a crew of between 18 to 24. 

One thing you may not know about Columbus is that he was a religious man and thought God wanted him to reach the Indies to bring the Gospels to the people there.  One of my thoughts is that you would really have to have a strong faith to get on one of these ships.  Columbus made the journey 4 times. He brought back Corn, pumpkins, cassava, pineapples, tomatoes and my fave. avocados.
Columbus was stranded in Jamaica for a whole year.  He also sailed with Ponce de Leon who later discovered Florida and Antonio de Alaminos who later discovered the Gulf Stream.  He sailed with family.  Yes he did have a wife and two sons.  Columbus had brothers that sailed with him so you could call this a family affair.  At his death he did not know that he had discovered two new continents.

Look at the size of that anchor!

This was a really great thing for us to go see and now when the kids start on history for this coming up school year they will have this visual, real reference to draw off of. It's one thing to read books about the ships it's another to stand on one and feel how small it really was. I am truly grateful for the courage of those who came before us, those who were not scared to go on a trip without GPS, and a mini mart. It is because of these trail blazers we are where we are today!
My hubby and the wee little bit! She slept thru the whole tour of the ships.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I came I saw I bought curiculum :)

I know it's been a while but with homeschooling and life I haven't had time to tell you about the wonders I saw at the Greenville SC homeschool convention.  If you are familiar with Ken Ham then you know about the blow up after the convention if you don't then you can read about it here.  I am  not going to dwell on what happend after instead I want to share with you some of the wonderful things I found.

After going to the Charlotte Masson work shop I really started look at books in a whole new way.  And was happy to see most of my favorite companies had books to fit my needs.  I was really happy with what I bought from Rod and Staff.

Spring and Summer in North Carolina Forest

Fall and Winter in North Carolina Forest

Inside and Out

Story Time with the Millers

My Little Green Jewl Book of God's Different Things

The Work of Thy Fingers

My Fathers World This is a book that my Uncle gave my children and we love it so much I just had to share it with you!

Needless to say I had a good time shopping there were some other things that we got that I am really in love with.  There is a series of books Write and Draw through History that Noah has really taken a shine too! And my really special boy Alek has gotten a kick out of Draw Write Now.  So far we've done a pig, sheep, cow and chicken.  I would have NEVER picked these up for my kids but my wonderful Aunt did and the kids have LOVED THEM. 

That's it for now, trust me when I say I have so much more to share but now off to school the kids and when time allows share more of the wonderful curriculum I bought!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Homeschool Convention Season!!!

Simply Charlotte Mason All day workshop with my baby
     Homeschool convention season is upon us and I couldn't be more excited.  I will be going to the big southeast homeschool convention in Greenville South Carolina later this week! But to warm up I started with as workshop on Charlotte Mason.  I have heard a lot about this style of homeschooling but never gave it a second thought.  It turned out to be a lot different than I thought it would be. If you yourself are not familiar with this style of homeschooling go here they do such a good job of explaining it.  I really felt empowered after spending all day learning how to relax a little and really let children do what they do naturally.  I came away with a lot of good information.

      It makes me giddy to think of all the things I am going to learn this week in South Carolina!   I started applying some of Charlotte Masons ideas today in my home school and I have to say that the lady really knew her stuff!  I purchased a living science book while at the work shop. This is the book that I bought.

      When I first started reading it I just knew that the older language style was not going to be appealing to my 8yr old, BUT tonight  he said "mom are you going to read the next chapter tonight?"  I was floored because my 3yr old asked the same thing.  So I sat in a chair in the door way (something I picked up from another blog) and started reading.  My son was wrapped and even my daughter was quite and eventually my child with special needs even calmed down.  I could NOT believe the attention they gave me.  I am going to continue to slowly switch my home school over to a more Charlotte Mason style and see how it works.  I am just amazed at how energized I am after only one, workshop. I am probably just going to be busting after 3 days worth.

This was a display of living books for those of us (like me) who didn't know what that was

My Aunt Laura and our new friend Marsha with our host Nancy in the back ground